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Why you should choose Radun AVIA

  • Bonuses depending on sales
  • Loyalty Bonuses for years of service to Radun AVIA
  • New Year’s card
  • New Year’s gifts
  • Recourse
  • Monthly selection and rewards for the best gas station attendant and the best works manager
  • Rewards for extraordinary efforts and devotion

In addition to all the benefits we offer, in our company, we insist on a culture where professionalism and family values prevail. Constantly, we strive towards making work a space we all feel, above all, as one, big family. We often organize hangouts and gatherings, whether we run the streets of Belgrade and conquer kilometers or choose the best recipes for our Bistro together.
We can sing from Queen to Džej at a karaoke party or laugh at our own expense when our stand-up comedian colleague impersonates us. Sharing space, work, thoughts, sometimes fear and insecurities, but success and joy in the end, for 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month or 1920 hours a year is no small feat.

Radun AVIA is definitely more than fuel!