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LPG Cylinders

Gas in cylinders is a 35:65 ratio propane/butane blend, which quality is under the SRPS BH2 134 standard.

Pursuant to the “Rulebook on mobile high-pressure equipment” (RS Official Gazette No. 30/14), dated June 1, 2014, Radun AVIA offers standardized LPG Cylinders. Pursuant to the above-mentioned Rulebook, bearing our customers’ safety in mind, our company offers an exchange of technically valid cylinders with a valid attest. New LPG cylinders are also available, the attest surcharge is 1000 RSD.

LPG Cylinders are available at following gas stations: Novi Sad 3, Kanjiža, Veternik 2, Sirig, Gospođinci, Zrenjanin, Bašaid, Bogojevo, Čenta, Bačko Gradište


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