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AVIA Cards


It is with great pleasure that we present to you AVIA BIZNIS Card – loyalty card for large systems and corporations.



BIZNIS Card Advantages:

  1. IDENTIFICATION – Used as a customer’s ID with a unique PIN code.
  2. SAFE TRANSACTIONS – For transactions to be made, the magnet card must be presented, and a unique PIN code typed.
  3. PURCHASE LIMITS per customer, as well as per card, upon request. Purchase limits can also be imposed by choosing a card type.
  4. SAFETY – Use of PIN code makes the system safe from losses, theft, and malversations.
  5. HIGH CONTROL LEVEL – Upon customer’s request, the card can be blocked or limited to certain types of products. After the second tank filling within 24 h, the card will be automatically blocked.
  6. SEPARATE INVOICES for passenger and cargo program.
  7. DIRECT ACCESS to data via the web portal, as well as creating new and more detailed reports on fuel consumption and out-of-ordinary acts of your employees -typing the wrong PIN code, filling tanks more than two times within 24 h, attempts of purchasing unauthorized products, etc.

All customers with active contracts will receive a BIZNIS Card, for additional information, please, do not hesitate to contact us at our main number +381 (0) 21 424 991, or via email at

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